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Dog Training Courses Toronto

“The Puppy Experience!”

“The Puppy Experience” is about learning that the City is a fun and happy place to live in.

Class will focus on basic puppy behaviours interspersed with exposure to sounds, sights, touch and textures to ensure adequate “immunity” to fear and stress as an adult. There will be a strong emphasis on focus and relationship with your puppy.


• Down/Down on Mat/Down Stay
• Come with Collar touch
• Hand touch
• Mat
•Polite walking

Skills for Handlers:

• Leash Handling (silky leash and grips)
• 3 Second Greetings
• Doggy Zen to Leave it
• Look at That Exposure


• Handling for Grooming and Vet
• Textures
• Sounds
• Sights (hats, canes, skateboards etc)
• Resource Guarding
• Prevention and Management


“Teenage Meltdown”

“Teenage Meltdown” is for adolescent dogs four months to 1 year of age. The adolescent period in dogs can be a challenge and this class will help you to understand what is happening to your dog’s ability to concentrate and focus and how to work through it to continue the great foundation you have given your pup in the beginning. There is a lot going on in that fuzzy head! “The Puppy Experience” or other basic puppy class is a benefit but not a necessity.


• Mat Work
• Sit and Down at a Distance
• Recalls with distraction
• Hand Touch
• Leave it at a distance
• Drop it/Leave it
• Intro to Stand/Sit/Down

Skills for Handlers:

• Reinforcing in position/for position
• Loose Leash Walking
• Basic Shaping
• Dog Park Safety/Body Language


“The Real Dog”

“The Real Dog” is for older puppies and dogs from 10 months to Adult. “The Teenage Meltdown” or comparable class is a prerequisite. This is for handlers and puppies that have the basics of dog training experience and some understanding of learning and teaching their dogs. In this class we build on the behaviours we have learned before, adding difficulty and focus on adding subjects of need based on where the handlers and dogs in class are and what difficulties they may be experiencing with their dogs.


• Advanced stay behaviours
• Advanced Recalls
• Shaping and Retrieve Exercise
• Heeling and Loose Leash Walking
• Free Shaping and problem Solving


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