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November 2017

We’ve Got The Dog Lover On Your List Covered

Nov 29, 2017 3:00 PM

The holiday season upon us (seriously where did the year go?) and we want to help you get a headstart on your gift shopping (so you can spend more time on enjoying egg nog with friends while wearing ugly sweaters).

We encourage you to support local businesses during the holidays, and give gifts of experience rather than things, to both help our economy and environment.

A great gift idea is A Leg Up gift card, redeemable for daycare or boarding. And they’re just a click away (scroll down to get yours).

Why Is A Leg Up gift card such a great gift? We're glad you asked!

The Top 6 Reasons Boarding Makes a Great Gift

  1. Dog lovers often don’t’ want to use a kennel.
  2. With us, there are other like-minded dogs get to play with.
  3. Family and friends are often too busy to help out . . . or they’re travelling too (it happens all the time with weddings).
  4. It’s like their favourite canine gets a vacation, too.
  5. It’s convenient – we do pick up and drop off, too.
  6. What better way to endear yourself than to endear yourself to their dog?!

The Top 7 Reasons Daycare Makes a Great Gift

  1. People worry about their dog when they have long days or they’re too busy.
  2. No matter how much we people try, we can’t play with a dog like a dog plays with a dog.
  3. It’s a great cure for separation anxiety.
  4. Everyone loves a tired happy dog at the end of the day.
  5. We have two locations – one at each end of town.
  6. It’s convenient – we do pick up and drop off, too.
  7. We play targeted games like Tic Tac Paw with them throughout the day, so the dogs get mental and physical stimulation.



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