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Private Puppy Training in Toronto

CLASS: 1.5hours



During this private session, the trainer visits you at your house and ensures that you have all the tools that you need to be a puppy parent.


The trainer will check leashes and equipment to ensure that you are using the correct tools for your puppy. You’ll learn how to set up a schedule for your puppy to assist with house breaking and ensure good feeding habits. You will learn all the do’s and don’ts about raising a healthy, well balanced puppy.


• Excerising your puppy
• Crate training
• Puppy manners
• Obedience cues: sit, down, recall
• Walking on a leash

2 Private sessions or 1 group and 1 private
1 hour each



If you’ve just welcomed a new member into the family or you’re about to, this course will provide you with the tools to ensure that dog and baby are a good team. We’ll help you avoid pitfalls, hazards and help you build a great relationship throughout the new family.


This course consists of either two one hour private sessions, or a one hour group class followed by a one hour private session. The purpose of this course is to correct any existing behavioural issues that your dog may have and then prepare him/her for the upcoming baby. Introducing a baby into the house is a big change and this course will help you to successfully establish a safe and healthy environment for both the baby and your dog.


• Exercising Pack Leader roll
• Introduce bounadries in the house
• No Free Lunch Policy
• Polite Greetings
• Loose-leash walking
• Walking with a stroller
• Preparing the dog for baby sounds and scents
• “Leave it” and “Drop it” , establishing the difference between dogs toys vs. baby toys
• How to teach your baby to interact with the dog

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