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TORONTO Dog Training


A dog may be man's best friend, but even the best of friends can use a bit of behaviour modification—especially if your buddy is using your broadloom as a urinal, barking at the moon, pulling you off your feet on what you hoped would be leisurely strolls, jumping on your neighbours or ignoring your pleas to come back in the park.

Maggi Burtt, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, will help you guide your dog into being perfect companion you’d always imagined.

Maggi is a training and behaviour specialist.

We’ve known her since 2005, which isn’t surprising - she’s worked in the pet industry since 1992.

She boasts such a wide scope of experience, it’s hard to imagine anyone having a more well-rounded history with dogs. From working the retail side early on, to working in a vet clinic and as a walker. Most importantly, for the past 9 years, she’s been an in-demand trainer. Maggi knows dogs.

Beyond her past experience, her qualifications are impeccable. Maggi is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) -  the only independent certification board for dog trainers in North America. Reduced to its essentials, this means that she has proven, tested knowledge in an extensive range of skills not limited to but including ethology, learning theory, dog training technique, and instruction.

When seeking out a trainer, people can get nervous. It’s not unlike going to the gym for the first time. There’s a natural inclination to want to avoid judgement, worry, exhaustion. And there’s a common desire, too – to want to have fun, be treated kindly and be heard. Maggi’s got that covered. She’s friendly as well as being knowledgeable. There’s a lot that she can impart. 93% of her clients have reported having a better relationship with their dog after working with her. We can’t think of higher praise than that.

 Call us or email us with bookings or questions.

Private Training

We’ll come to you. A qualified trainer will meet you in your home. Our sessions are an hour long. In that time we’ll address your major concerns, show you why your dog is acting the way he is, and give you the tools to get the behavior you’re looking for. You can book as few or as many as you’d like so you and your dog will have the opportunity to learn all the techniques you'll need for a successful owner-dog relationship.
Packages are available.

Private dog training can be designed around your own individual needs.


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