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  • Dispelling misnomer #3
    —pet services are not a luxury

    Luxury services are sold on fantasy and glamour. Or personal expression.
    Or even one-up-man-ship. What we do is free of ship. When A Leg Up
    was founded, it was built on a philosophy that pets could be provided for
    in just the same manner that you would if you were home and had the
    time. Really, our service is as simple—and as demanding, as that. And over
    a decade later, all that’s changed is that we try even harder and have
    learned much more—from you and from your pets.

  • He Said, She Said

    We asked one of our long-time clients if he could sum up his experience
    with A Leg Up over the years. His response was brief. Very brief. So we asked
    his owner. And here’s what Deb had to say: “WE LOVE YOU! The service
    you provide to our family, and the care you show to our little Abner is wonderful!
    We would be pleased to pass our feedback to you, or anyone, at anytime.
    You treat us as very special people at all times. We are ever so grateful to have
    you as a part of our life.” Thanks, Deb. We’re grateful, too.

  • Why our walkers lick like their jobs

    Some of our walker applicants come to us from past desk jobs looking for
    a new, stress-free career. Unfortunately, they’re also the ones who don’t see
    a second interview. This job isn’t stress-free. Our staff just make it look
    that way. Take Lisa, for example. Beneath the smile and calm exterior is—well,
    okay—actually a calm and happy person. But beneath that, there is a vast
    array of experience, an immense amount of training and an army (albeit an
    impossibly friendly one) of other supportive, knowledgeable staff. A Leg Up’s
    staff is the best trained in the business. And their learning never ends.
    Our trainers are constantly assisting the staff in upgrading skills, techniques
    and approaches. In a nutshell, that’s what’s behind Lisa’s smile—and her
    charges’ wagging tails.

  • 136 horses to carry a half dozen dogs

    Welcome to the Drool Bus. Don’t let the name put you off, though… it’s not
    really a bus at all. But, like all of the vehicles we spirit our canine companions
    around in, it gets regular check-ups, frequent inspections and careful attention
    to safety and maintenance. That said, if you poke your head in after a wet
    day, nose-plugs might not be a bad safety tip.

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