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Weekend Dog Walks 

We know how it is. It’s not just the weekday that pulls you away from your dog.
Family engagements, shift work, sports… all kinds of things keep you
busy on the weekend. Sometimes you just need a break. Whatever the reason,
we’ve got you covered.

Just like the weekday dog walks, one of our professional staff will come
to your home at a convenient time—one of three walk windows. We’ll
take your favourite pup out for an hour-long group walk or a half hour private
dog walk. And just as we do with weekday dog walking, we’ll take into
account dogs’ personality and energy level to make the experience the best
possible, both for socialization and exercise.

If you haven’t already had a consultation with us, you’ll need to book one.
It’s simple—we come to you. And it’s free. Give us a call or an email.

Check out our weekend dog walking rates.

If you’re looking for an extra-long weekend dog walk, try out our weekend expedition dog walks.

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